With the addition of the new DataStream range BluTower has added a powerful, low cost 2-way fixed network option to its proven HandTrackIT and FastTrackIT products. Customers now have the complete choice of Walk-by, Drive-by and fixed network.

All receivers will read any existing customer installation of BluTower transponders so customers’ previous investments are not sacrificed when an alternative reading method is desired.

Utilities can now combine the various reading options to obtain the most cost-effective data capture solution. For example:

  • Use of HandTrackIT in congested urban areas
  • Use of FastTrackIT in suburbs where vehicle speeds of up to 40 m.p.h. can be maintained
  • Use of a DataStream fixed network either in urban areas or in more remote rural areas

Sub-metering customers will particularly appreciate the DataStream fixed network as an ideal complement to the BluMet radio-meter or DataSource transponder. BluTower is confident that it offers the most cost-effective sub-metering solutions currently available.

Please note that the DataStream fixed network range replaces BluTower’s CellTrackIT range which is now withdrawn.

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