Electric Transponders

The Transponder allows the utility to receive data from meters remotely. The Transponder collects data from the meter and transmits it to a data collection device, which may be mobile or fixed. The Transponder can be read by any of the 900 series mobile and fixed network receivers.

Meter compatibility

The Transponder is fitted "under the meter glass". Versions are available for:

  • Electromechanical meter (Elster AB1)
  • Electromechanical meter (General Electric I-70, Landis+Gyr MX)
  • Centron Solid state meter

Meter type must be designated at the time of order so that the correct installation kit is supplied.


The electromechanical Transponder reports energy consumption by using infra-red sensing of meter disk rotation so that no friction is applied to slow the meter down. The Centron Transponder monitors signals generated by the Centron metrology board. The Centron Transponder also includes the meter register and LCD display. Electromechanical and Centron Transponders both take power from the mains.

Both types can detect reverse consumption and both have no loss of partial KWh consumption or configuration data during power outages.

The Centron Transponder has the following additional features:

  • Programmable display options
  • Detent and non-detent programming options
  • LCD segment check

Status and Error Reporting

The Transponder will set an error code if the circuit detects an internal fault or if there is reverse consumption. This error code will be sent in the transmitted message until reset using ConFigIT.

Installation Procedures

The Transponder can be installed in new or used meters. Fitting time is only a few minutes.

The meter may be calibrated at the time of the fitting process if required.
The ConFigIT is used to confirm the connection and load meter information to the Transponder register.

Configuration By Utility

If required, the Transponder can be configured by utility personnel. On electromechanical variant this can be done without removing the glass. Utility numbers can be assigned and status/error messages can be investigated/cleared.


900 Series Transponder Centron

900 Series ConFigIT - Electric

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